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rufffen - fx and spot gold trades

Saturday, August 05, 2006

UPDATE LAST WEEK P/L STATEMENT: +426 pips per one lot on all currencies with GBP and EUR losses accounted for. Check the MTEC THREAD FOR NEW SETUPS AND UPDATES. THANKS!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

First setup for next week Pending BUY ORDER USD/CHF BUY WINDOW 2270-2290 SL2240 TP1 2480PS: revised BUY window, since it aligns with other currencies better.
Second setup for next weekPending BUY ORDER USD/JPY BUY WINDOW 113.80-114.20 SL 113.50 TP1 116.40Yen looks like extending losses towards a stronger resistance and bound for 114.00.Id expect markets to turn soon but not just yet.PS: Updated BUY WINDOW.

Third setup for next weekPending BUY ORDER CHF/JPY BUY WINDOW 92.65-92.75 SL 92.50 TP1 93.60Most setups are YEN crosses, HOWEVER don't forget about AUD/USD and EUR/AUD pending setups

Setup number fourPending BUY ORDER EUR/AUD BUY WINDOW 6450-6490 (revised) SL 6410 TP1 6860. However, BUY WINDOWN might be revised towards 6580, wait for updates on this item and AUD/USD.
Setup number fivePending SELL ORDER AUD/USD SELL WINDOW 7700-7740 SL 7780 TP1 7200 That's about it for next week, this week Im done here guys, enjoy your weekend and lets crack it next week!Update on majors over weekend.

Setup number sixPending SELL ORDER GBP/USD SELL WINDOW 8680-8730 SL 8770 TP1 8410This will be updated at market close today.

SETUP number sevenPending SELL ORDER EUR/USD SELL WINDOW 2790-2820 SL 2840 TP1 2620Update market close today.

BIG UPDATE! I was VERY BUSY researching new techniques and trading past 2-3 weeks, I always update my thread with trade setups at MONEYTEC, please visit frequently or subscribe for free updates.

Last week thread results: about 200 pips per lot on currencies and 38 points on SP500.

I will post new trades for next week here too.

Monday, July 17, 2006

UPDATED THREAD TOTAL PER ONE LOT, ALL LOSSES INCLUDED: + 1 306 pips since 07th July 2006. See details here.

UPDATE DAILY EURO. As you can see, although it's slightly revised, the UPSIDE has more potential now, compared to downside, where I see any EURO losses capped at 2400.

OK, lets look at the past EUR DAILY chart first. Way I see it A/B/C correction is complete now, and uptrend CAN resume. Lets wait and see if current levels provide good support and from that point onwards Id trade EUR NORTH, as long as the levels hold.

Now looking at CABLE CHART, way I see it is triangle SUP/RES setup broke SOUTH, and quite possibly this item will reach 7800 levels SOON, breaking monthly SUP ZONE2. However, there is a FRACTAL on that item pointing NORTH, so lets see how the scenarios work out.

Currently Im LONG both EUR and CABLE, however if the SOUTH SUP levels crack Ill reverse my position SHORT. CABLE TARGET is 7800 EURO TARGET is 2200 initially, and maybe sub-2000 later in time.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

NEW trade setups for the coming week.

GBP/USD 1 hour chart with updated targets for SHORTs and SL levels

Cable 1 hour update, looking good to take a SHORT trade at the top 8470-8520

Friday, July 14, 2006

This week performance, updates in the thread here:

Didn't count the latest trade on cable, was goot for +80, but that's nothing I guess.

Trading EUR/USD GBP/USD EUR/JPY GBP/JPY and some secondary currencies, XAU spot gold best idea is to refrain for now, since the conflict escallation can take it for a WILD range, Im flat on GOLD, a few of my good friends busted their accounts trading GOLD this week.

EUR/JPY + 180
GBP/JPY + 160

EUR/JPY + 172
GBP/JPY + 184

EUR/JPY - 80
GBP/JPY - 100

AUD/USD SHORT1 - 60 two trades, holding one long now

EUR/CHF +10 pips


+107 since sunday

+123 since sunday


-90 since sunday


+143 since sunday

TOTAL since sunday:
+ 809 pips per lot


USD/JPY 4 Hour chart, as long as 11680 holds, we will see 11490 11390 in the near future.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Potential setup on 1hour EUR/JPY, with confirmed X/A/B points, need C around 145.40-145.60 with reversal to try a small long (150 pips) for 147.00-147.20 and then reverse SHORT from that area for 146.00 (100 pips)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

EUR/JPY setup to go SHORT from 147 levels.